DAlcon is an emerging rapper from London growing up between the UK and Spain.

His biggest music achievement happened in May 2022 where he broke an Official Guinness World Record for the Longest Rap Marathon managing a total number of 39 hours 37 minutes and 45 seconds. This gained the attention of the media including BBC and Sky news among many others.

Back in 2018 he released his first Album `FearlessĀ“ in 2018 which gained little attention but one which has helped him develop as an artist .

Over the last few years he has written many lyrics and has been working on projects including a TV advert opportunity through Talent House for Kia Motors as part of the Fifa Football Qatar 2022 World Cup and also on his own EP which is nearly finalised.

Inspired by nature together with his own life experiences he believes he has finally found his own style. Illness, home eviction and mental health problems has inspired him to be creative and to pursue his passion.